Ocean Beach Neighborhood Guide

Ocean Beach is a beachfront neighborhood of San Diego, California that lies on the pacific ocean. It is home to two schools, multiple churches, a public library, a U.S. post office, a vegetarian food co-op, and serves as a prime residential. The community also features a selection of recreational facilities which include the Ocean Beach Recreation Center, Dusty Rhodes Park, Robb Field athletic fields and the Ocean Beach skatepark.


Ocean Beach was initially coined Mussel Beach, because of the remarkable abundance of mussels located on the waterfront. It received its current name, Ocean Beach, later on in 1887. In 1913 an amusement park, called Wonderland, was constructed at Abbott St. and Voltaire, on the sand. Unfortunately, due to rough sea, it washed away in just a few years. However, the location for activities shifted to Newport Avenue, where dance halls, a skating rink, merry-go-round, and even a saltwater plunge took up the area and ultim. During the 1920s, tourists continued to come, and home construction increased, making the beach town a hometown as well. The population underwent a large boom in the 1950s as the brush-covered hills gave way to new housing.


Ocean Beach has two schools within the community. There is Ocean Beach Elementary which is a K-4 public school located on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Newport Avenue. Ocean Beach also features Warren-Walker which is a private school that provides kindergarten through 8th grade education.



The northern end of O.B.’s waterfront is known as Dog Beach. It’s open 24 hours a day for leash-free dogs and was one of the first such beaches in the United States (founded in 1972). Ocean Beach is also home to the Ocean Beach Pier. It was built back in 1966, and it is the longest concrete pier on the West Coast spanning at a total of 1,971 feet. The pier supports a restaurant as well as a bait shop which is cleverly named Ocean Beach Pier Cafe.


Ocean Beach consists of a strip of shops, restaurants, cafe’s, etc. located on one of the community’s main streets Newport Ave. In the early 2000’s, Ocean Beach celebrated its 10th year as being home to the award-winning Farmer’s Market along Newport Avenue. Till this day the Farmer’s Market continues to provide a weekly occasion for locals to keep in touch, listen to good local music, buy locally grown produce and support local businesses.